Our Service to Investors

If you are a Property Investor looking to purchase Properties below market value, we can provide the following service:


Our Service to Investors

  • Sourcing deals in Gauteng
  • Due diligence done before any payments
  • Legal services related to transaction
  • R.O.I of 50%
  • Proven returns
  • Term of Purchase and Resale – 6 months
  • Capital required – R 50k upwords
  • Reselling of property for Market value


Details of Services to Investors

Sourcing deals

We will find suitable deals for you, according to your capital available and the area you would like to purchase it.
We focus on sourcing 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and townhouses, as these Properties tend to sell well.

Due diligence

We do a complete and thorough Due diligence, confirming all aspects of the Property and Seller.
This process reduces the risk associated with the purchase of the Property.


We have a team of experienced Conveyancers and Legal professionals to assist with each deal.
As we have concluded many deals successfully, we have identified and eliminated all Legal risk in the process of purchasing Investment Properties.


Our current Investors receive a minimum of 50% Return on Investment (pre-tax), per annum.

Proven returns

We will provide details of previous transactions to prove the profitability of deals.


Term of Purchase and Resale

If your aim is to purchase and resell the property, the average term of the Investment is 6 months.

Capital required

Most deals range from R 50 000 to R 2 000 000.


We can assist to resell the Property for market value.

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