Sell Property for Cash

Out Investors will make a cash offer on any Residential home if 20% under Market value.

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Step 1 : Valuation

After providing us with some basic info on the property, we will inspect and value the Property
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Step 2 : Report

We will then compile a Report on the property and present it to our Investors, including information such as the Property Valuation, expected Refurbishment costs (if needed), expected Transfer costs and Cash deposit needed by the Seller.
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Step 3 : Offer

Our Investors will then make an Offer based on a Due diligence process being completed.
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Step 4 : Due diligence

During the Due diligence process, we will verify all the information and documents related to the Property, including confirming the Ownership, outstanding Rates /Levies and validity of Title deeds.
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Step 5 : Drafting Contracts

After successful completion of the Due diligence process, contracts will be prepared and provided to the Seller for inspection.
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Step 6 : Payment to Seller

When the Seller has approved and signed all contracts, payment will be made from the Investors Conveancer.

Types of Deals

We can assist any Seller in any situation , whether you need a Cash deposit , have a bond or need to refurbish your property before sale.

If you’re a home owner looking to move on, we will come and carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on your property at your earliest convenience. If you choose to Sell your property for Cash to our Investors.



Our Investors will buy the property for Cash.
When the Purchase contract is signed, a cash payment will be made from the Investor, ranging from R 50 000 upwards. This typically happens in 2 weeks, depending on the time it takes to complete the Due diligence process.



You can sell your home to our Investor, rent it from them, until such time as you can afford to buy back the property.


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If your Property needs refurbishment before selling, our Investors can provide the necessary funding.



We have a team of experienced Auctioneers, that can market and sell the Property in a couple of weeks.
You will be able to set your Reserve price.


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The Investor can pay the monthly bond,rates and levy payments ,and share in the profits when the Property is sold.

Sell your home today

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