We Buy properties

We buy Residential Property in Gauteng for 20% below Market Value

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We represent a group of Professional Property Investors.
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Offers made in 24 hours

Our Investors can make a Conditional offer in 24 Hours.
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No fees

Our Investors pay all commissions. No fees will be payed by the Seller.
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Any condition

We will buy a Property in any condition.
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Bonded or Unbonded

We can buy the property even if Bonded.
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All Sales contracts are Drafted by our Legal team free of charge.

About Realty Investors.

We Represent Professional Property Investors buying Residential Property in Gauteng. We source Properties from Motivated Sellers , in need of a Cash offer.

We complete a Due Diligence process before any deal is signed.We negotiate the Sales agreement and assist with all Legal matters regarding the transaction.

We assist the Investor to Re-sell the Property at Market Value.


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If we cannot assist you to sell your Property to our Investors , we could help you to sell your Home at Market value.


Our Service to Bond holders
We can assist you if you cannot pay your bond.
  • Stop the Bank from repossessing your home.
  • Receive a monthly payment for your Property.
  • Investor can pay bond,rates,levies and municipal accounts.
  • Agreement will be registered at the Deeds office.
  • Deposit of R 50 000 to R 300 000 can be paid to Seller on the signing of Contract.
  • Agreements of a year or longer.
  • Confidential professional service.

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